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In the direction of a wide range of experience gained as a result of working with many well-known multinational and local companies for eleven years, we now aim to build our local and international presence by using our knowledge through our dedicated team members. 





The founding members of the D&B Law Firm have experience in working with high profile clients. For eleven years, they provided comprehensive legal services to many multinational and local companies. As a result of long years of work with many companies with different field of activity, they had a huge experience in solving wide range of legal issues. D&B Law Firm aim to provide the best possible service with a smaller, dedicated and more cost-efficient team.

The attorneys of D&B Law Firm deal with the legal needs of the clients very closely and assure its clients that they will have legal services with every detail considered. D&B Law Firm associates, as a team, always do their best to see the whole picture and analyse the clients’ critical business operations, point out potential strengths and weaknesses and help them to overcome any legal issues.